Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Running Assessment : Oral Contraceptive Pill [Health Education]

Oral Contraceptive Pill is a pill that containing hormone (either combination of estrogen n progestin or progestin only). This pill is used for women who are deciding in family planning.

This pill acts by 3 mechanisms :
1) prevent the ovary from producting the ovum
2) reduce the receptive of endometrium (uterus lining) in implantation
3) reduce the ability of sperm in penetration to the uterus.

The contraindications of this pill are :
1) woman with family history of deep vein thrombosis (visible blood vessel)
2) woman who is overweight (BMI > 30)


1) Ask medical history (heart disease, DVT)
2) Ask any gynaecological disease (abnormal vaginal bleeding)
3) Ask current medication (anticonvulsant, antituberculosis, antibiotic broad spectrum such as cephalosporin)
4) Ask about life style (smoking, drinking)
5) Ask the last menstrual period (LMP) to make sure the client is not pregnant.
6) Ask about when the last time the client do the Pap smears test
7) Ask whether the client is breastfeeding the baby or not

Education :

How to start the pill:
1) If the client is not breastfeed the baby, the 21 days pill (OCP) is suggested.
2) Take the 1st pill on the 1st day of period (menses)
3) Take the pill until 21 days (in same time)
4) Break for 7 days after that (automatically, the menses will occurs in this time because the OCP will control your menstrual cycle)
5) Take the 2nd packet on the day after break.

1) If the client is breastfeeding the baby, the 28 days pill (progestin OCP) is suggested.
2) Take the 1st pill on the 1st day of period (menses)
3) No break in this kind of pill

Common problems in taking pill:
1) Nausea - will relieve on the 3rd packet - avoid taking the pill with food or after having meal.
2) Breast tenderness
3) Bleeding

If you forgot to take?
- if less than 12 hours, just proceed as usual
- if more than 12 hours, just proceed as usual also but within 7 days, you should use other precautions such as condom and so on.

Tips to remember :
- use handphone, set the reminder when you should take the pill
- scheduled the time of taking the pill such as have to take the pill before going to bed.
- keep the pill in your handbag

Seek the medical attention as soon as possible if :
- Abdominal pain
- Chest pain
- Severe headache
- Blurred vision


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