Wednesday, August 20, 2008


2 days ago, I had organized a very formal event. But, all our plans are broken by the heavy rain on that night. All of us became disordered, hectic, frenzied and chaotic. However, the Opening Ceremony must be held. Alhamdulillah, it’s went nicely, although not perfectly as our master plan. When I think and ponder again about this, I’m sure that there must be something, some hidden point that Allah wants we know, take it as a lesson and as a learning process in build our management and leadership.

Our society has been programmed to shun failure. Why? Why we looked down on people who have failed? Why failing is considered taboo? We always measure people by their achievements. As an example, we look up on our friends who got excellent CGPA. We put a high value on “SUCCESS” but little or no value on “FAILURE”!

Is that true? How about this…


I’m totally agreed that failures actually made great men! I can safely say that the value of failing is greater than success. But many people do not see that way, we only thinking of winning and winning all the time.

We have to remember that, in order to have the rainbow, we must have the rain. There is no other way. Hard times should make you BETTER and not BITTER. You can only be BETTER if you learn from it.


nurilahi said...

great job well done!

wallahu khairul maakirin

Awan Badai said...

Bukan gagal, tapi:

1) Kejayaan yang belum dicapai
2) Kejayaan dengan cara berbeza
3) Kejayaan yang ditinggalkan untuk dijayakan oleh orang lain

nuar said...

kak ruby...

biar ana mengquote satu kata dari Leroy Eims ;

1.Pemimpin itu adalah orang yang melihat lebih banyak dari orang lain.

2.Pemimpin itu adalah orang yang melihat lebih jauh dari orang lain.

3.Pemimpin itu adlah orang yang melihat sebelum orang lain melihat.

"Yang membuatkan manisnya sesuatu perkara itu adalah apabila kita berhadapan dengan masalah tetapi kita tidak lari daripadanya. Itu saat paling manis untuk dikenang."

-Anwar Yassin-

Thanks for coming!
Have a read, blogwalk and so on! =p

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