Monday, November 08, 2010

Home Sweet Home

athirah & her little sister, amirah with their baju raya..

There is no bendang in my sweet village.
There is no river
There is no jungle
There is nothing

There is mom, who always giving her loves for us
There is resting place of late beloved father
There are siblings who sometimes make a row
There are nephew and niece who used to ask money from me
There is love, passionate, and happy!





Do you LOVE your family??

p/s: teringat iklan "kenapa saya suka rumah saya?"


Chanana Syaz said...

luv my family........ :')

Nur Qistina said...

i do love my family too..=)

Thanks for coming!
Have a read, blogwalk and so on! =p

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