Thursday, November 04, 2010

Session With Hillary Clinton

Sesi ekslusif bersama Madam Secretary.

9.30am kami sampai di ISTAC

dan sesi itu bermula jam 12noon!

Security sangat ketat.
Kene scan
Tak boleh bawak beg besar.
Jumpa ramai men in black.
Secret agent mungkin.

Madam secretary sampai.
Wah, so simple but nice!

Just have an hour with her.
With full of basket of questions to be asked.

Social responsibility for Muslim countries which crashed with natural disaster.
Issue of Palestine vs Israel.
Malaysia as role model muslim country
Exploitation of religion


Rubbish q such as describe urself!


Kurang puas hati sbb byk lg soklan penting isu Malaysia n dunia yg nak ditanya, tp x berkesempatan.

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